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How we treat patients

At Miller Physical Therapy we promise to give every patient a truly personalized, one-on-one approach for the entire hour of their visit.

Our patients are often surprised that we treat the entire body, as their previous experiences have been with clinicians who only focused on the part of the body giving them pain. Our approach will incorporate whole body movement to focus on the symptoms and the cause of those symptoms.  

To learn more about our specialized approach we offer a free discovery visit or phone consultation where you can better understand our approach and get to know us better before committing to a full evaluation.

Here’s what you can expect from each visit to Miller Physical Therapy in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY:

  • Systematic body-movement assessment and injury diagnosis
  • Frequent conversations to explain, design, and optimize your program
  • Personalized in-office treatment schedule
  • Individualized at-home therapeutic program
  • Attention to progress to restore normal movement  
  • Less time overall spent in appointments through more effective education and targeted home programs


Treatment Rates

If you have questions about the costs of clinic visits or at-home consultations, please call our office 718-569-5513 and we will be happy to answer your questions.



To enable us to provide the hour-long visits and extra services we know work effectively at Miller Physical Therapy in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we do not work with any major insurance providers.

We know from our own experience in successfully treating our patients that our treatment standards lead to faster and more complete recovery, and fewer visits needed overall compared to the standard insurance dependent practice.

However, we do provide each patient with an itemized list of services provided that they can submit to their insurance provider if they have out of network insurance coverage.

Each patient is expected to settle their account prior to each visit. We currently accept apple pay, google pay, and credit/debit cards.

We are committed to your successful care. That is why we offer a money back guarantee on all our services so that you can schedule with confidence. As well we offer a free discovery visit or phone consultation prior to scheduling an evaluation to be sure all of your concerns and questions are addressed.


Free Consultation

Miller Physical Therapy in Manhattan and Brooklyn, NY, offers free 20-minute consultations in person or over the phone that must be booked in advance. This allows us to learn of your issue and ensure that if you have a problem, we can tell you in advance if we truly believe that we can help you. Our success is based on our integrity and our realistic assessments. Call our office now at 718-569-5513 or click here, to book your free consultation.

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